Josie Portillo in the Washington Post!

This seems to be London's week at Red Cap Cards! First a stage production of I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, and now we were proud to spy our own Red Cap artist, Josie Portillo's, beautiful illustration in an article for The Washington Post.

Red Cap artist, Josie Portillo, for the Washington Post

Love the article too! An homage to sightseeing London in the most traditional way possible: on the top of a bright red, double-decker bus, by Gwyneth Kelly: "Riding a double-decker bus makes you feel like an urban mahout. From your perch on the 139 you see swarms of people walking down Oxford Street, all of whom appear to be moving faster than you are. School groups, extended networks of fashionistas, elderly ladies pulling rolling shopping bags, babies swaddled in strollers constructed of more protective Kevlar than military trucks..."

Click over to the article to read the rest and to marvel at Josie's new editorial work under The Washington Post banner. View Josie's designs for Red Cap, here. Great job, Josie!

Image courtesy The Washington Post

I Want My Hat Back at the National Theatre

A bit of exciting news has made its way to us, via the grindstone. According to Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen (himself), the National Theatre in London, UK is working on a musical stage version of I Want My Hat Back!

Red Cap Cards artist, Jon Klassen has a brand new stage production of his childrens book I Want My Hat Back

According to their website, the show will be running from 12 November, 2015 to 2 January, 2016. Tickets are £12 & £15 (£10 under 18yrs). We love their description:

Bear’s hat is gone. He loves his hat. He wants it back.
He asks all of the animals in the forest, but no one has seen it.
WAIT! He has seen it somewhere...
Jon Klassen’s brilliant, witty book was published in 2011, and has fast become a modern children’s classic. I Want My Hat Back now comes to the stage in a joyous new adaptation stuffed with humour, music and surprises.
A treat for everyone aged 3 – 300.

We might just have to take a trip to London for this one. Break a leg, Jon!

View Jon Klassen's designs for Red Cap, here.


The Graphite Collection

For all of you lovers of Red Cap Cards artist, Jon Klassen's fabulous books like I Want My Hat Back, This is Not My Hat, The Dark, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, and many more, we've got a special new collection in stock. We're shouting this one from the rooftops, as we didn't want it to be forgotten amongst the glitz of the new gold foil collection. Created using only graphite pencil, the graphite collection by Jon Klassen for Red Cap Cards is elegant, simplistic, and charming.

Check out the collection below or on Jon's shop page on our website. Can't get enough? Click over to our Pinterest and take a look-sy at our Black and White pin board for some graphite and pen-and-ink artsy treats.

The Graphite Collection by Jon Klassen for Red Cap Cards

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated

Lately, we've been thinking about letters. Mostly ones that you write in a card and send to a friend, but what about those other letters? Tiny illustrations in and of themselves, talented artists have built whole careers on typesetting and laboring over the love that is language and letters. Illustrated alphabets are just the tip of the pro-VERB-ial (pun, intended) iceberg, but it's a fun one at that. We found a few of our Red Cap artists have created delightful alphabets themselves, and found a few more that are sure to inspire. See below for the images and a quick interview with Anke Weckmann by Frankie magazine. Enjoy!

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated. Red Cap Cards chooses favorite alphabet illustrations - Anke Weckmann
TRANSCRIPT: What was the general concept for your alphabet? I put the font together with simple shapes and little branches and leaves. I used my handwriting for the basic design of the letters. Tell us about your inspiration. I was inspired by trees, especially the tree outside my window. Aside from your newly made one, what’s your favourite font an why? I love Carson Ellis’ hand-lettering which she uses on her website and in her illustrations, book-cover and poster designs. Her work is beautiful. Talk us through the alphabet-making process. I spent a cosy afternoon in a cafe drawing random ideas in my sketchbook. After deciding on a concept I pencilled and inked all the letters on paper. They they were scanned and coloured digitally. How long did it took to put together? A little over two days. Which letter was the trickiest to pull off? I think it was the Q. It looks like such a simple letter, but I kept changing my mind about how it should look. Which is your favourite and why? Probably B. I always like writing Bs and varying their shape each time I write/draw one. What’s the name of your font and why did you call it that? It’s called Perennial, the latin word for a plant that lives longer than two years. I chose it because a tree is a perennial and mostly because I think it sounds pretty. Did it turn out like you’d hoped? I’m pleased with the outcome. Of course, as with any project, there are always things one could tweak... What kinds of uses can you see for this font? I can imagine the font being used for a title on a poster or a banner. Or single letters being used as an initial on a page. It could be used for the title of a story about a secret forest or maybe on a leaflet for a lovely park.
Red Cap artist, Anke Weckmann for Frankie Magazine

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated. Red Cap Cards chooses favorite alphabet illustrations - Blanca Gomez
Red Cap artist, Blanca Gómez. Print available here.

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated. Red Cap Cards chooses favorite alphabet illustrations - Christian Robinson
Alphabet, 2011 by Red Cap artist, Christian Robinson

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated. Red Cap Cards chooses favorite alphabet illustrations - Anna Kövecses
Colorful and simple. By artist, Anna Kövecses

Alphabet Soup: Illustrated. Red Cap Cards chooses favorite alphabet illustrations - Erin Jang
No alphabet required! A fun A to Z Wall Art piece we found at Land of Nod, by Erin Jang.

Images as linked above.

Week in Review: One Fab Day, One Family, Interstellar Cinderella & Inside Out

This week, we're catching up with some blog press, Blanca Gómez, Meg Hunt and Chris Sasaki!

First up, we're happy to be included in One Fab Day's "Stuff We Love" post, about everything from shoes to greetings: "If you're looking for a unique wedding card, or card to send to someone special there's no better place to search than Red Cap Cards. Red Cap Cards does the hard work for you - sourcing the very best artists and illustrators from around the globe, and collecting their cards in one easy to shop website. Each card is adorned with gorgeous illustrations, so beautiful you'd almost frame your card of choice and keep it all to yourself. From the romantic Love and Wedding ranges to the more whimsical and humorous Friendship cards you're guaranteed to find the right one for you, whatever the occasion may be." We love finding our cards with sweet mentions on blogs around the world, thanks so much, One Fab Day!

Week in Review: One Fab Day with Red Cap Cards

Who can resist Blanca Gómez's charming illustrations? We absolutely love her style, and are happy to showcase her new children's book with writer, George Shannon, entitled, One Family. The little counting book is alive with colorful illustrations and families of all types and cultures. Kirkus Review says, "Gomez’s richly colored pictures clarify and expand on all that the text lists: For 'six,' a picture showing six members of a multigenerational family of color includes a line of laundry with six items hanging from it outside of their windows, as well as the painting of a six-legged butterfly that a child in the family is creating. While text never directs the art to depict diverse individuals and family constellations, Gomez does just this in her illustrations. Interracial families are included, as are depictions of men with their arms around each other, and a Sikh man wearing a turban. This inclusive spirit supports the text’s culminating assertion that “One is one and everyone. One earth. One world. One family.” Click over to grab a copy of One Family, here.

One Family with Blanca Gomez

One Family with Blanca Gomez

Another children's book masterpiece that's been grabbing some recent press is Interstellar Cinderella, by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Red Cap artist, Meg Hunt. Gaining attention for it's colorful drawings and underlying feminist themes, Interstellar Cinderella features a character that dreams of fixing fancy rockets, and avoids marriage. Check out this snippet and comment, from Lilith. We love the bold illustrations, fresh story and of course, pink hair! Grab your copy, here.

Week in Review: Interstellar Cinderella with Illustrations by Meg Hunt with Red Cap Cards

And last but not least, we are so proud to call Chris Sasaki one of our own. When he's not creating fabulous designs for Red Cap Cards, he's working on his day job as a Pixar animator, most namely, for the recent film, Inside Out. We found a great, little interview with DePaul Magazine, where Chris recounts his first sketches for the character, "Anger," as a simple red brick. Click over here to read the rest and view the trailer below.


In the Papers and the Magazines!

Our artists never cease to amaze us. Especially when we open up a newspaper or magazine and their fantastic work is looking back! Editorial illustration is something that readers sometimes forget about, but a lot of the time, the complimentary piece makes the article soar. We've gathered a few examples of recent editoral work that our Red Cap artists have been getting up to. Click the images, and they will take you directly to the article. The Ylonda Gault Caviness piece in The New York Times is a must-read! And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for more work--let the lead image for the article you're about to read resonate with you for a short moment! It's worth the inspiration!

In the Papers and the Magazines: Red Cap Cards artists - Christian Robinson
Christian Robinson's illustration for The New York Times

In the Papers and the Magazines: Red Cap Cards artists - Josie Portillo
For the fabulous "spinsters" -- Josie Portillo's work for The Washington Post

In the Papers and the Magazines: Red Cap Cards artists - Kelsey Garrity Riley
An accompanying illustration by Kelsey Garrity Riley for Charleston Magazine

In the Papers and the Magazines: Red Cap Cards artists - Sarah Burwash for kinfolk
Sarah Burwash for Kinfolk Magazine (she's a regular!)

In the Papers and the Magazines: Red Cap Cards artists - Yelena Bryksenkova
Yelena Bryknsekova for Block Magazine


Artist News Roundup: Christian Robinson, Yelena Bryksenkova, Nicholas John Frith, and Becca Stadtlander

We like to keep up with all of the amazing things that our Red Cap family is getting up to. When they aren't busy creating fantastic designs for Red Cap Cards, our brilliant artists and illustrators are usually making the rounds creating children's books, housewares, animation, even the newest Pixar movie, Inside Out! We're keeping tabs on their achievements and can't wait to show you what they're up to!

First up, you might have seen a sneak peek of this on our Facebook and Instagram: a children's book trailer by Christian Robinson for his new book, Leo: A Ghost Story with Mac Barnett (of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole) is a new favorite. Can't wait for this one! It releases on August 25, 2015. See more details on Christian Robinson's site, The Art of Fun.

Red Cap Cards artists

Leo A ghost Story Book Trailer from Christian Robinson on Vimeo.

Yelena Brykesnkova just published several illustration in the magazine, Flow! Her illustrations appear in an article on "turning to nature, literature and other comforting things for solace during difficult times for the Dutch edition," no. 4/2015. Cool colors, and soothing thoughts. See more on her blog, here.

Red Cap Cards artists
Red Cap Cards artists

Becca Stadtlander is creating beauty for every day of your 2016 with her special 2016 Collection Calendar for Anthropologie. We love the pincushions! Perfect for our desks, we'll take twenty.

Red Cap Cards artists
Red Cap Cards artists

Coffee, tea or me? Another sweet house ware to make the ordinary ever-so-extraordinary, Nicholas John Frith is continuing his line of coffee and tea mugs with Beast In Show. Next up--the Chinasaur! Loving this.

Red Cap Cards artists

Images above credited as linked.

Shop We Love: Human Empire

Yay for shops we love! This week's installment of Shops We Love honors the thoughtfully-curated, impeccably-designed Human Empire, just a hop, skip and a jump over the ocean in northern Germany: Hamburg.

Human Empire combines a physical concept shop with an online store that boasts one of the greatest collections of apparel, textiles, housewares, posters and gifts that we've ever come across! They have a sharp eye for cohesive, lovely things. Be sure to head over to the online store to see more, or if you happen to be Hamburgling, check into the physical shop as well. You might notice a few familiar faces there--namely, Red Cap Cards!

Shops We Love: Human Empire by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

Shops We Love: Human Empire by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

We've really been enjoying the sweet & sunny, mellow-yellow Instagram collections that Human Empire has been posting, including some of our favorite Red Cap Cards with designs by Blanca Gómez and Nicholas John Frith. Check them out below:

Shops We Love: Human Empire by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards
Shops We Love: Human Empire by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards
Shops We Love: Human Empire by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

Go visit Human Empire:
Human Empire
Schulterblatt 132, 20357
Hamburg, Germany
Or, follow Human Empire on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram

Photos courtesy of Human Empire


To Dad, from Carrie on Father's Day

This Father’s Day I would like to pay a special homage to my amazing father Doug Gifford. I lost my dad two weeks ago to cancer, so it’s still hard to imagine that I won’t be seeing his beautiful, blue eyes on Father’s Day. Although it’s a very sad and unfortunate loss, my father did not want us to cry or be sad. He wanted us to celebrate, so that is what we are doing.

Happy Father's Day, to Dad from Carrie

There are many things that I learned from my father including, how to read a Thomas Guide or how to find the North Star, but the one thing that my father taught me was something you can’t teach: good old fashion love. He gave love, he shared love, he accepted love, he was love. Through his words of advice, his wild sense of humor, his larger-than-life personality (which we refer to as Uncle Buck) and his big bear hugs, he made us feel love. What more could you want from a Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend?

I love you, Doug Gifford, and I celebrate your life. You are the North Star. Your beautiful love, light, and energy will connect us forever. Happy Father’s Day Daddy, I Love You. —Carrie

Happy Father's Day, to Dad from Carrie
Happy Father's Day, to Dad from Carrie
Happy Father's Day, to Dad from Carrie
Happy Father's Day, to Dad from Carrie