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Mother's Day Gift Galore

This year I received one of the most beautiful Mother's Day gift a bit early. A series of photos taken by my talent friend Amber Gress, documenting a sunset play date in Joshua Tree with my family. We busted out the furs, listened to the Doors and howled with the cyotes, it was magical. Amber recently posted about our adventure on her blog and I was moved to tears when I read her story. On this Mother’s Day I can honestly say that I feel like the luckiest lady. I have a daughter that is my greatest muse, a husband that I fall deeper in love with every day, a business that is always inspiring and the most the magical friends. I'm truly blessed.... Life it good.

Here are a few of my favorite photos taken by Amber and a link to her blog where you can see the entire Joshus Tree series. Be sure to check out the rest of her site. It’s stunning.


Thank you Amber. You are a light....


Red Cap Cards on Write_On!

"I think when people find our cards they are inspired by the art. They see a story that’s familiar or intriguing and make it their own. They want to share what they’ve discovered and they sit down and write. I love how our cards can trigger a memory or create a dream world that people want to connect through." -Carrie

Red Cap Cards on the Write_On blog Red Cap Cards on the Write_On blog
We're so excited to have Carrie on today's interview series installment on the Write_On Campaign blog. Carrie had the chance to sit down with Write_On and tell her personal perspective of what a handwritten letter means. See below for a little taste of the interview, and click over to Write_On to view the entire thing. Thank you, Write_On!

Write_On: What does your letter-writing practice look like?

Carrie: Well it’s not as creative as it was when I was in 7th grade. Boy, those were the days. The amount of time and effort I put into writing was beyond! I must have written a million letters a day. Not to mention I had pen pals. Do you remember having those? I had a teacher that set us up with complete strangers in other countries and we’d write to them every week. How awesome is that. It makes my current letter writing process seem very sad. That’s why I’m looking forward to your challenge!

Write_On: Modern times have made digital correspondence increasingly available and convenient. Why is it important for people to send handwritten cards and letters?

Carrie: Recently my Dad passed away and I found a box in his desk with all the letters and cards I had written to him over the years. Each letter was a bit different. I thanked him for money, I wished him a happy birthday, I reminded him of favorite childhood memories, but in each letter at some point I always express my love and gratitude for him and my mom. As I read each letter I realized how important they were to him and how grateful I was that I took the time to sitdown and let him know how I felt. Connection through hand written letters in invaluable, we should all do it more often….


Inspiration Love: Red Cap Artists on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? We are mildly addicted. Where else can you see your favorite artists and illustrators' work as they're working on it--bright and in full color? Plus, (Chris Sasaki is good at this) little doodles that might never make their blogs or shops, just fun little pieces that show the creative process. Most of our artists are here as well, so if you're following us--most definitely follow them too! See below for a Red Cap Instagram Extravaganza!

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Chris Sasaki
Chris Sasaki

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Lizzy Stewart
Lizzy Stewart

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Christian Robinson
Christian Robinson

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kate Hindley
Kate Hindley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Becca Stadtlander
Becca Stadtlander

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Yelena Bryksenkova
Yelena Bryksenkova

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Meg Hunt
Meg Hunt

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Sarah Burwash
Sarah Burwash

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jon Klassen
Jon Klassen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anke Weckmann
Anke Weckmann

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jaime Zollars
Jaime Zollars

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Josie Portillo
Josie Portillo

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anna Emilia Laitinen
Anna Emilia Laitinen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jill Labieniec
Jill Labieniec

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Naoshi

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Red Cap Cards // Arlo
Last but not least!!

Images courtesy the above artists' Instagrams

Halloween Treats!

It's that time of year again! Time for caramel apples, diving in piles of leaves and spooky tales. We wanted to share some of our favorite festive finds with you, so while you're gobbling up cider and candy, enjoy these autumnal treats. Happy Halloween!

A Halloween collage by Red Cap Cards, with work by Julianna Swaney, The Small Object, Carrie Gifford, Tim Burton and Jean François Martin

1. Trick or Treat card by Carrie Gifford for Red Cap Cards.
2. Super delicious candy corns--not Halloween without them!
3. Adorable Small Object Monster Stamp Set, available at Assemble Shop & Studio.
4. A favorite Halloween book of ours, about a sad but loveable array of misfits: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories by Tim Burton.
5. Perfect for the season: "Cher Cat" by Jean François Martin.
6. Those aren't birds, they're kids! "Bird Children"--a giclée print by Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier.

Photos as linked above.

Red Cap Artists Animated on Jeego!

We are so proud to be have animated greeting cards on Jeego! Work by Red Cap artists Anke Weckmann, Kate Hindley, Christian Robinson and Carrie Gifford have been put into motion by the Jeego animators. We love them!

Jeego is a company which taps into an audience who are inspired by digital greetings! "By working with leading artists, illustrators and card companies we are seeking to open up a new market for greetings by bringing gorgeous design led contemporary cards to life. (Jeego)" The animated cards are available through an iPhone and Android app which is soon to launch--plus, the entire collection will also be available through a desktop computer!

Check out a few of our favorites below, and find the app here, on iTunes.

See the printed version of this card here.

See the printed version of this card here.

See the printed version of this card here.

See the printed version of this card here.

See the printed version of this card here

Videos via Jeego. 1. Christian Robinson 2. Carrie Gifford 3. Kate Hindley 4. Carrie Gifford 5. Anke Weckmann


New Cards Coming Soon...

illustrated greeting cards by illustrator at red cap cards, carrie gifford

New cards by Christian Robinson, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Jill Labieniec, Lizzy Stewart and yours truly debut this August at the NYC Gift Show...Find us in the Crow and Canary booth....


Barry B. Wary

With all the excitement about baby Arlo, I never had a chance to share the children’s book I illustrated called Barry B. Wary written by the lovely Leslie Muir. It was released in May by Disney-Hyperion. Here it is on Arlo's book shelf. Pretty cool…


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