Behind the Scenes: Printing Up Cards!

This week we’re going behind the scenes!! We thought it might be fun to show you a favorite part of our business: the printing process! This is the fun part, when we get to see everything come together, and finally see the beautiful illustrations our artists create for us come alive on the page.

Cards by Kelsey-Garrity Riley on big sheets!

On the process: We print locally, here in Los Angeles. Since we work with so many different artists, it’s key to be at every press check to ensure the quality and color of the cards. Our pressmen are amazing! We adore them. Operating those massive machines is no small task. It’s bananas.

We offset print almost all of our cards, but we do have a small line of letterpress cards. We are working on a concept for a new letterpress collection for next will be fun!

On timing: Timing always varies. We like to give our artists plenty of time to work on their collection, so it is perfect when it is completed! Typically, when working with anew artist, we give them about four to six months lead time. The final art is usually due 4 to 6 weeks before the release date. After we receive final art, to the illustrator’s specifications and liking, it typically goes into production right away.

After the cards are printing, there is usually about four weeks before they are released. When the printing process is completed, all the cards are cut and folded, then sent to our warehouse. Then, we have fun photographing the cards for our website and catalogs. It takes a while but it’s so rewarding in the end.

Our favorite part: We love looking at the final art for the first time. It’s so fun to watch our artists go from concept to final product. We are big fans of all of our artists and we like to give them free reign to create work that they love. We don’t do much art direction, so seeing the final art is like Christmas morning! It’s so exciting. We usually just sit and stare at our computer screens saying, “this is soooo good! Oh my goodness, these cards are the best. We have the best job ever!”

"Christmas morning" with fun new work by Nicholas Frith: coming soon!

Enjoy the fun videos! (Plus you might catch a sneak peek of Nicholas Frith's new designs!)

Photos by Red Cap Cards. Last photo courtesy Nicholas Frith

Shop We Love: Magma Books

It's time for another Shops We Love post! Last time, we were in Amsterdam with Hear! Hear! and now we've skipped on over to the UK to visit Magma Books, a shop that currently carries Red Cap Cards and is bundled full of creative treasures!

Shops We Love: Magma Books by Red Cap Cards

Magma Books boasts four separate locations: three in London (one on Clerkenwell, two--a product + bookshop--on Earlham), plus a shop in Manchester. Their first shop in Earlham was opened in 2000, after a hilariously contrary beginnings:
"One day, when they were particularly despondent about their job and the bookshops they went to during their lunch breaks, Marc and Montse thought that someone could make a killing if they opened a good bookshop. Not a big one. Not another large surface affair, with many floors, tables piled high with promotions and ‘3 for 2s' and 20 percent off everything. No, just a small and clever space.

Then, in typical manner, Marc went home and changed his mind. He decided that no, on second thoughts, it was not a good idea after all. The internet had arrived. The book was dead. A bookshop? What a dreadful idea! Who would be buying books in a few years time. The dotcom business – that's where they should be investing what little money and time they had.

Montse, on the other hand, continued to think about it. Yes, why not? A different bookshop. She kept thinking and talking about it so often that her then boyfriend told her to just go and talk to Marc and stop bothering him , which she did – well, talk to Marc.

And Marc changed his mind again."
Shops We Love: Magma Books by Red Cap Cards

Ha! After finally setting up shop, Magma Books now exhibits and sells a variety of products and books, including games & toys, design materials, eco home products, jewelry, stationery and "weird stuff." Plus, if you're not in the neighborhood, you can always check out their extensive web shop to see what's in-store. If that's not enough--they even host a variety of exhibitions at their locations--art shows, book events and design showcases. What's not to love??

Magma Books
Several Locations in London & Manchester
Or, follow Magma Books on Facebook

Images courtesy of Magma Books


Life In "Teacup Cat" by Anke Weckmann

These "Life In" posts are so fun to make! This time we wanted to play around with Anke Weckmann's whimsical sweetness in her Teacup Cat birthday card! Everyone needs a bit of silly whimsy in their day!

Life in Teacup Cat by Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards

1. Toot Sweet Large Aqua Stripe Plate from Meri Meri. Makes the perfect backdrop for a cat in a teacup, right?
2. No party would be complete without the cupcakes! Try these Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker.
3. A stripey touch: Teal Stripey Cupcake Liners from on Etsy.
4. Fiesta ware! Grab a Flamingo teacup from Everything Kitchens.
5. Don't forget the kitty! Lots of these guys waiting at your local shelters for a cupcake to be placed lovingly on their head.
6. Last but not least: the perfect candle. Find these at Bake It Pretty.

Grab your Teacup Cat in our shop section, and check out more work by Anke Weckmann on her artist page.

Images as linked above.

Red Cap Cards: Now on Tumblr!

Guess what? Red Cap Cards is now on Tumblr. You can follow all of our posts easily with a click of a button. Follow us here, at

Red Cap Cards on Tumblr

We will be sharing all sorts of fun goodies here, including new work by our Red Cap artist family, news and all blog entries. See you there!


Arlo's Book Club: Summer Session!

Arlo's Book Club: Summer Session for Red Cap Cards

Hammock? Check. Glass of lemonade? Check. Stack of books? Double check! It's that time again--Arlo's Book Club Time! Arlo has some very important suggestions for your summer reading list. Whether you're hankering to learn your ABC's or have numerous birds landing on your head, we're sure you'll find something perfect for your reading palette. See below:

Arlo's Book Club picks: Summer Session for Red Cap Cards

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio, with illustrations by Red Cap artist, Christian Robinson. This is the adorable story of Gaston, a french bulldog puppy who stands out as different from his poodle brother and sisters--until he discovers that there may have been a mix-up when he meets a bulldog family. We love this little book, coupled with charming illustrations from a family favorite, Christian Robinson, this is a must-read!

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrations by Christian Robinson: Arlo's Book Club @redcapcards

There Is A Bird On Your Head by Mo Willems. You might know Mo Willems best for his pigeon books, but this one is about Gerald and Piggie. "Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends." ...Are you a Gerald or a Piggie? The eternal question! This one's an award winner as well--it won the 2008 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award and is a classic delight!

Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli. "Sam was number one. He was number one in speed. He was number one at turns. Sam was always #1. Until...he wasn’t." We love this new gem by writer and illustrator of The Watermelon Seed, Greg Pizzoli.

Adventures with Barefoot Critters, an ABC Book by Teagan White. Could these illustrations be any more lovely. Filled with whimsical woodland creatures and snuggly storylines, this one is perfect for beginning steps to reading. Definitely check out Teagan's site for more beautiful work.

Adventures with Barefooted Creatures by Teagan White: Arlo's Book Club @redcapcards
Adventures With Barefooted Creatures

What are your summer favorites?

Images as linked above.

Inspiration Love: Red Cap Artists on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? We are mildly addicted. Where else can you see your favorite artists and illustrators' work as they're working on it--bright and in full color? Plus, (Chris Sasaki is good at this) little doodles that might never make their blogs or shops, just fun little pieces that show the creative process. Most of our artists are here as well, so if you're following us--most definitely follow them too! See below for a Red Cap Instagram Extravaganza!

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Chris Sasaki
Chris Sasaki

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Lizzy Stewart
Lizzy Stewart

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Christian Robinson
Christian Robinson

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kate Hindley
Kate Hindley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Becca Stadtlander
Becca Stadtlander

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Yelena Bryksenkova
Yelena Bryksenkova

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Meg Hunt
Meg Hunt

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Sarah Burwash
Sarah Burwash

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jon Klassen
Jon Klassen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anke Weckmann
Anke Weckmann

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jaime Zollars
Jaime Zollars

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Josie Portillo
Josie Portillo

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anna Emilia Laitinen
Anna Emilia Laitinen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jill Labieniec
Jill Labieniec

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Naoshi

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Red Cap Cards // Arlo
Last but not least!!

Images courtesy the above artists' Instagrams

It Don't Matter if You're Black or White

Some of the most "colorful" illustration of all is absolutely void of color: black & white. Whether it's created with pencil, ink, charcoal or paper-cut, black and white work can be some of the most beautiful, powerful and sharp. We collected a few favorite pieces (even some from our own Chris Sasaki) and displayed them below. Plus, check out our brand new Black & White Pinterest board, full of great black and white illustrations!

Photo via Imagine Childhood, where you can get your own charcoal pencils!

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Chuck Groenick

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Chuck Groenick

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Chuck Groenick
Badger, Owls and Fox by
Chuck Groenick

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Karolin Schnoor
Workshop by Karolin Schnoor

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Chris Sasaki
Boot Home by Chris Sasaki

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - Marika Maijala
Hannu Mäkelä: Ääni joka etsi Laulua by Marika Maijala

A Collection of Our Favorite Black and White Illustrations - MB Goffstein
Goldie the Dollmaker by MB Goffstein


Shops We Love: Hear Hear!

We thought it was time to send a happy nod over to one of our favorite shops and stockists in the beautiful city of Amsterdam: Hear Hear! Owned and operated by curator of delightful curiosities, Rena Noordermeer, Hear Hear is a two story shop just a short walk from the Spui.

Shops We Love: Hear Hear in Amsterdam

Besides our cards (yipee!), Rena also carries a variety of great designers and products including the ever-popular Baggu, artwork by our own Yelena Bryksenkova, and many more. Plus, she’s also got a web shop!

"Hear Hear is a extension of my environment and way of life. Hear Hear houses a beautiful collection of treasures (think cards, prints, books, magazines, bags, jewelry, ceramics and more) from all over the world [...] So voila and c’est tout. Feel free to take a look around and get inspired." -Noordermeer

Shops We Love: Hear Hear in Amsterdam

If you’re lucky enough to be exploring the dams this summer, make sure to stop by and visit for us!

Hear Hear
Heisteeg 8
1012 WC Amsterdam
Or, follow Hear Hear on Facebook or Pinterest

Photos courtesy of Hear Hear


Summer Illustration Roundup: Past + Present

Summer is almost here! Can you feel it in the air? Well, some of us are already feeling it in the warmer climates, but in case you're not, we've rounded up some warm weather goodies for you below. We love collecting swatches of vintage and contemporary illustration that fit themes--so, we bring to you our happy summer selection! For more, follow our Illustration for Days and Vintage Illustration Pinterest boards. Got any "summery" illustrations you'd like to share! Tag our Pinterest @redcapcards!

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
From Summer Noisy Book, written by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard, 1951

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
From Summer Noisy Book, written by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard, 1951

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
"Swimming Pool" limited edition print by Naomi Wilkinson, available on Etsy
Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
Illustration by Mary Blair

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
Illustration from Garden of Verses, by Ruth Ruhman

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
Illustration from Plink! Plink! by Ethel and Leonard Kessler, 1954

Red Cap's Summer Illustration roundup
Found vintage drawing by Harvey Heake

Images as linked above.

Life In "Mom's Chair" by Josie Portillo

Did you happen to see our first "Life In.." post? If not, make sure to click over to check out "Life in Sarah Burwash's Picnic." We love entering whimsically into an illustration and imaging what the scene would be like in reality! Today, we're focusing on our brand new artist, Josie Portillo, and her piece "Mom's Chair." So cozy up, grab a cup of tea and enter Josie's serene world, illustrated just for Mom!

Mom's Chair by Josie Portillo for Red Cap Cards

Life in 'Mom's Chair' by Josie Portillo for Red Cap Cards

1. Cozy for any room--the Indigo Stripe Rug from Crate and Barrel.
2. The chair itself! This vintage wrought iron dining chair will do the trick, from Verdibou on Etsy.
3. Journal or novella? You decide!
4. A lovely Salvaged Wood Dining Table for tea and talks, from Modern Furniture Warehouse.
5. The cutest, sleeping pup at your feet! Find your new forever friend at your local shelter.
6. Clean and simple: a white ceramic tea cup. This one, from
Enjoying Tea.
7. And last but not least, a classy Cast Iron Teapot. This one from Nabu 93.

Images as linked above.