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Congratulations, Christian Robinson and Jon Klassen!

We are so proud of Red Cap artists, Christian Robinson and Jon Klassen!

Christian Robinson has been listed as a Coretta Scott King Honor Book for his illustrations in Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker by Patricia Hruby Powell. Plus, the book was listed as a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book!

Congratulations to Christian Robinson from @redcapcards on Josephine: The Dazzling life of Josephine Baker honors

AND, congratulations to Jon Klassen! Sam and Dave Dig a Hole (by Mac Barnett, illustrations by Klassen) was named a Caldecott Honor book for 2015. You guys make us proud!

Congratulations to Jon Klassen from @redcapcards on Sam and Dave Dig a Hole's book honors

View Christian and Jon's designs for Red Cap Cards here and here.


Reading Roundup: New Books Illustrated by Red Cap Artists!

We're always so proud when members of our Red Cap family release books that they've illustrated! There are so many wonderful books that a lot of the time, it's hard to keep track. We wanted to round a few up today and show them off to the world. See below for some of our Red Cap artists' most recent work:

Worst In Show, illustrated by @redcapcards artist Kate Hindley

Worst in Show by William Bee, illustrated by Kate Hindley.
From Kate's website: "Albert is entering his pet monster, Sidney, in ... THE BEST PET MONSTER IN THE WORLD COMPETITION! And he has VERY high hopes. Sidney, however, is a rather gentle monster, who enjoys long soaks in bubble-filled baths while nibbling on some sugary fairy cakes. And a champion monster has to be, well, MONSTROUS to win!"

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, illustrated by @redcapcards artist, Christian Robinson

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, by Justin Roberts, illustrated by Christian Robinson
We've talked just a bit about this book before, in Arlo's Book Club, but we couldn't resist mentioning it again! It's THAT good. From Amazon:
"Hardly anyone noticed young Sally McCabe.
She was the smallest girl in the smallest grade.
But Sally notices everything—from the twenty-seven keys on the janitor’s ring to the bullying happening on the playground. One day, Sally has had enough and decides to make herself heard. And when she takes a chance and stands up to the bullies, she finds that one small girl can make a big difference.

Grammy-nominated children’s musician Justin Roberts, together with vibrant artwork from award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson, will have readers cheering for young Sally McCabe."

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, illustrated by @redcapcards artist, Jon Klassen

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen
This one is brand new and hot off the press! We've been enjoying all of their videos and now the time has come to grab your copy of the book! From Amazon: "Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find . . . nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story of looking for the extraordinary — and finding it in a manner you’d never expect."

On the Wing, illustrated by @redcapcards artist, Becca Stadtlander

On the Wing, by David Elliott, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander
Last but not least, Becca Stadtlander has just released her first illustrated children's--a book of beautiful illustrated work, coupled with poetry by David Elliott. From Amazon: "Take to the sky to explore a glorious array of all things avian, from the tiny, restless hummingbird to the inscrutable horned owl to the majestic bald eagle. David Elliott and Becca Stadtlander bestow a sense of wonder onto such common birdfeeder visitors as the sparrow, the crow, and the cardinal and capture the exotic beauty of far-flung fowl like the Andean condor, the Australian pelican, and the Caribbean flamingo. Concise, clever verse from an award-winning author pairs with striking artwork from a debut illustrator to make this a true pleasure for anyone who loves birds."

We are so proud of all of our artists! Click on their names above to view their artist pages and Red Cap Card designs. Great work, guys!

New Holiday Styles for Paperless Post

We had to make a cup of hot chocolate with extra teeny-tiny marshmallows for this post. Yes--if you live anywhere near Los Angeles, it might not feel like the holidays are right around the corner, but they are! We are halfway through September (gasp!) and we were just dying to show you these new holiday styles for Paperless Post. Call it a sneak peek.

Paperless Post holiday designs by Red Cap Cards

Paperless Post offers you a simple, digital way to send sweet notes to your favorite family and friends. Red Cap Cards is honored to have been able to work with them on a digital collection, and now we are introducing our holiday collection! With designs by Christian Robinson, Becca Stadtlander, Josie Portillo, Blanca Gomez, Sarah Burwash, Jill Labieniec, Yelena Bryksenkova, Lizzy Stewart, Kelsey Garrity-Riley and Jon Klassen, we have tons of styles by a bunch of our talented designers to mail online.

Don't worry--we'll remind you of these designs when winter is knocking on your will be sooner than you think! In the meantime, click over to Paperless Post and let the sugar plums dance through your head!

Inspiration Love: Red Cap Artists on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? We are mildly addicted. Where else can you see your favorite artists and illustrators' work as they're working on it--bright and in full color? Plus, (Chris Sasaki is good at this) little doodles that might never make their blogs or shops, just fun little pieces that show the creative process. Most of our artists are here as well, so if you're following us--most definitely follow them too! See below for a Red Cap Instagram Extravaganza!

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Chris Sasaki
Chris Sasaki

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Lizzy Stewart
Lizzy Stewart

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Christian Robinson
Christian Robinson

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kate Hindley
Kate Hindley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Becca Stadtlander
Becca Stadtlander

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Yelena Bryksenkova
Yelena Bryksenkova

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Meg Hunt
Meg Hunt

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Sarah Burwash
Sarah Burwash

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jon Klassen
Jon Klassen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anke Weckmann
Anke Weckmann

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jaime Zollars
Jaime Zollars

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Josie Portillo
Josie Portillo

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Anna Emilia Laitinen
Anna Emilia Laitinen

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Jill Labieniec
Jill Labieniec

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Naoshi

Red Cap Cards' artists on Instagram: Red Cap Cards // Arlo
Last but not least!!

Images courtesy the above artists' Instagrams

Congratulations, Jon Klassen! PLUS 'The Dark'

We are so very proud of one of our Red Cap artists, Jon Klassen, who has been honored with one of the highest illustration awards in America--the Caldecott Medal--not once, but TWICE!

An award for the "most distinguished American picture book for children" was awarded to Jon twice for his picture book, This is Not My Hat and Extra Yarn, his collaboration with writer Mac Barnett.

Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark
Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark

Now, Jon has a brand new book out! A collaboration with children's author Daniel Handler, (aka Lemony Snicket!) The Dark is a story about Laszlo, who overcomes his fear of the dark. Jon's minimalist and charming illustrations help make the story a work of visual art. Check out some pages from the book below! Congratulations again, Jon!!

Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark
Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark
Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark
Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen's The Dark


The Where, The Why, And The How

Have you gotten a chance to take a look at the brand new book from Chronicle called The Where, The Why and the How by Jenny Volvovski, Julia Rothman, and Matt Lamothe? We love it!

the where the why and the how from chronicle books
The book features 75 common science-related questions such as "What defined dinosaurs' diet?" and "What causes an ice age?" explained by real-life scientists, coupled with beautiful illustrations by 75 artists. Plus--a few of our Red Cap artists are published in the pages! We are so proud of Meg Hunt, Becca Stadtlander and Jon Klassen and many other talented illustrators for bringing the scientists' words to vibrant life. Definitely find the time to flip through this brilliant collaboration by many brilliant minds.

Left: Meg Hunt, Right: Becca Stadtlander

And definitely watch the fun book trailer that Chronicle put out below. Animated illustrations!? Yes, please.

The Where, the Why, and the How from ALSO on Vimeo.


This Is Not My Hat

this is not my hat by jon klassen illustration

This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen is our Book Of The Week. If you haven't already picked up your copy, then go now! This Is Not My Hat is yet again another witty stroke of genius by Jon Klassen. Beautifully illustrated, this book is the perfect follow up to Jon's first book I Want My Hat Back.

this is not my hat by jon klassen illustration

Keep an eye out for this crab. He is pure comedy and definitely wins our award for best supporting actor in a picture book this year! This crab has a bright future.

Jon is currently on a book tour promoting This Is Not My Hat. If you are in the Nashville area, Jon will be at Parnassus Books, Tuesday Oct. 30th at 4pm.


I Want My Hat Back

We are so excited for Jon Klassen... His first children's book, "I Want My Hat Back", is coming out this fall. This will be the first of what we hope is a million Jon Klassen books. Jon is an amazing talent and on top of all of his artistic gifts he is funny, kind and humble. We have no doubt that his book will be a huge success!

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